Pregnancy is a Beautiful Option

Pregnant and not sure what to do?

Birthline’s Beautiful Options Program provides compassionate and life-affirming options for unplanned pregnancies. We can support and help you. 

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Are You Sure You Are Pregnant?

Birthline offers free at-home pregnancy tests. We will connect you to a Pregnancy Resource Center for a Free Ultrasound and Exam. Our team can help with referrals for a doctor or assistance with Medical Insurance.


Maybe the thought of becoming a parent seems impossible to you at this time. You may have more questions than answers about parenting.  We have answers:

How will I finish school? How will I continue working? I don’t have medical insurance. I can’t afford this. I’m too young.


An adoption decision can be hard and emotional. You have lots of choices with adoption. Will it be open or closed? Will it be private or will you use an agency? You are in the driver’s seat when making an adoption plan. Let us help.

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If you need immediate assistance, please call these numbers:

Pregnancy 24-hour hotline/OptionLine: 1-800-712-HELP 

Abortion Pill Reversal/Morning After Pill Reversal 24-hour Hotline: 1-877-558-0333

Pregnancy Risk Information Line: 1-800-532-3749 (questions on drug/chemical exposure during pregnancy)

Perinatal Care Network: 1-800-675-2229 (direct referral for MediCal insurance, referral for medical care)

Pregnant and not sure what to do? Call, text or chat on the 24/7 Option Line!
800-712-HELP (4357)