Birthline Organization

Birthline is a non-profit organization supported by volunteers and a  Board of Directors.  Birthline subsists entirely on donations and money acquired through various events throughout the year.

Our History

In 1979, Birthline was founded by Catherine Ewers as a non-profit organization in San Diego, dedicated to helping mothers with unplanned pregnancies to make "life" an option. She developed a program by which she could give women the resources needed to carry their baby to term, and either parent or opt for adoption upon the birth of her child.

Life is Amazing

Birthline is a program which provides emotional support, material assistance and referrals to other community resources for pregnant women and families. Birthline recognize that choices made regarding an unplanned pregnancy can have a life long effect on all of those involved.  As a result, our counselors offer practical assistance and referrals to support them in their decisions. Birthline has beautiful choices to offer. Choices that will benefit not only the parents, but the child as well.

  • Birthline is a non-profit organization
  • Birthline is non-political
  • Birthline is non discriminatory
  • Birthline is funded completely by donations
  • Birthline is confidential
  • Birthline is free

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